Peg's Place

Linda invites you to know about her close friend and mixed media fiber artist, Peggie Williamson.

Peggie is a former instructor at Honolulu Community College and Director of Big Sisters Hawaii.  She now lives in Ojai, California, where she maintains her online gallery, "Peg's Place."

Peggie is a mixed media fiber artist, weaving natural materials together with fiber and fabric.  She loves color and texture!

In addition to weaving, Peggie makes unique Spirit Sticks.  These are used in many cultures for setting intentions, meditation, ceremony, and spiritual practices.

Here is a selection of Peggie's artworks.  Please visit her online store, Peg's Place, to view the wide variety of art on display there created by Peggie and a few of her Ojai artist colleagues.

Tap to visit Peg's Place at IndieMade