Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

I'll add more here as you send me new questions.


How do I enlarge or reduce the image of a piece of art I am considering?

On a PC

  • Hold CTRL and press "+" (the plus sign) to enlarge an image.
  • Hold CTRL and press "-" (the minus sign) to make an image smaller.

On a Mac

  • Click “Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom,” then start zooming by pressing COMMAND + OPTION + 8.
  • To zoom in, press COMMAND + OPTION + “=” (equal sign), or zoom out by pressing COMMAND + OPTION + “-” (minus sign).
  • To turn zooming off, press COMMAND + OPTION + 8 again.

On a SmartPhone, tablet, or touchscreen

  • Tap and hold on an image with the index finger and the middle finger together and spread the fingers.
  • To make the image smaller, start with the two fingers apart and bring them together.


How do I order a work I wish to buy?

Click on the picture of the work.  It will open alone in its own separate screen.  To the right of the image will be an Add to Cart button.  Press that and your Cart will open and list the item you wish to buy.


How do I go to my Cart when I am done shopping?

Scroll to the very top or the very bottom of any page.  A black icon of a Cart will be at the far right corner.  Click on the icon.  Your Cart will open showing any items you have added to your Cart.


How is the shipping cost computed?

Shipping is free to US destinations. For pick up orders totaling more than $25, Linda will include one free FabriCard. Linda will contact you for deliveries outside the US.


How is the tax cost computed?

Hawai`i imposes a General Excise Tax on all sales in Hawai`i.  The state taxing authorities considers all products purchased at this site to have been sold in Hawai`i, not in the state where the products are shipped. The General Excise tax itself and charges for shipping are considered to be taxable sales revenue also.  The state regulations provide that reimbursement for Hawai`i General Excise Tax may be fixed at 4.712 percent applied to the total purchase before tax.  This is the rate applied to each order.


Why is a password needed for some items?

These items are special orders.  The purchaser has the password and uses it to add the item to the Cart.  If you are interested in ordering a similar item, copy the item's catalog number and use the "Contact Linda" button to place your special order for a similar work that Linda will make for you.


Are the colors rendered on the website an exact reproduction of the colors in an art piece?

Usually, yes.  However, as at any website, a variety of factors may affect the faithful representation of colors.  We are not able to apply precision rendering methods to ensure how Linda's art work may be rendered on all devices used to visit the website.  If you are not satisfied with any art piece you order after you receive it, please use the "Contact Linda" button on any page to explain to Linda and secure an adjustment, refund, or replacement.


How do I pay for my art selection?

We use PayPal as our payment processor, and you can pay using your PayPal balance if you wish.  But, PayPal can  also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  You will be given a payment choice when you check out.

Card logos


All four credit card options will be available to you when you proceed to payment.


PayPal Cart limit is 25 or fewer purchases

Due to restrictions imposed by PayPal, customers need to limit each Cart to 25 or fewer purchases and process payment on that Cart in order to check out.  Customers can shop and process payment for extra Carts as needed.


Do I need a PayPal account to pay for my art selection?

No.  You can pay with your credit card without having a PayPal account.

Special Note:  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT, when you click "Continue" to check out, PayPal will ask you to sign in.  You do NOT need to sign in.  Scroll down below the password cell.  In a light gray box, you will be invited to pay with a debit or credit card.  Tap that cell and proceed.



PayPal recommends

PayPal tells us it recommends placing your order on a laptop or desktop using the Chrome browser.  Other devices and browsers may work also, but may slow down or fail to process correctly.  Also, PayPal recommends clearing your cache and reprocessing your order if PayPal fails to process your order.  Please go to www.PayPal.com for more information or assistance.


Is this site secure?

Yes. Your payment is managed by PayPal, not through this site. We have no way to see your credit card number. PayPal tells us that you've paid, and we ship you your order to the address you give when you check out. We get your payment through PayPal later.


What if I need a refund or other adjustment?

Please use the "Contact Linda" button on any page to contact me at this website, or click here, or email me at Linda@LBLdesigns.com.



Privacy Policy

All images are the property of Linda Letta and all rights are reserved. No image may be reproduced without the express consent of the artist.